Many people ask “How much training do I really need?”.

There is not a correct answer to that question; the question should be “How much training do I need to accomplish my goals?”  In the shooting sports, competitors train daily.  If you are just going to be a casual shooter, you can take a few hours of training every year to make sure you do not develop bad habits.  If you’re planning on carrying concealed, you will have to take the training required to obtain your permit – but you should not stop there.  I have spoken to many folks who have no experience with firearms who say that they just want to take the Concealed Carry Class but do not want to pursue other training.

This is not the best attitude to have when planning on defending yourself or others.  Protecting yourself with a firearm requires that you can hit the target quickly and accurately.  To do this takes training and practice.  It also takes a certain mindset – realizing that you might have to take the life of another person.  I remember from my Army basic training that there were some trainees who could not get past the idea that they might have to take a life.  They would become clerks, cooks, or other non-combat personnel.

Defending yourself in your home and outside your home require different skills.  GAT TRAINING has classes that cover both situations.  However, these classes are not enough as they only cover a limited amount of material.  GAT TRAINING has classes that go beyond the minimum; classes that will hone your skills so that you can effectively defend yourself if that moment arrives.  Visit the training section of our web site to see the classes we offer.

– Jim Slater

Jim has worked at GAT GUNS since 1999.