A batch of Roughneck 357/38 barrels made it into the consumer’s hands without the barrel’s full ID markings. To make sure Bond Arms is in full compliance with the production process Bond Arms needs all Roughneck 357/38 owners to do us a favor and take a look at their Roughneck barrels. If the barrel matches the sample highlighted below, please call Bond Arms directly at 817-573-4445 or email us at customerservice@bondarms.com to arrange for the return and upgrade of the barrel. Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm CST. There are no marking issues on the Roughneck 45 ACP or 9mm barrels.

Bond Arms Roughneck Marking Compliance Recall

As a “thank you” for helping Bond Arms with production process compliance, Bond Arms will ship the consumer a wrench for removing the barrel, cover all postage costs, add a special laser-etched Bond Arms logo to the barrel (shown below) and give it a light touch-up before sending it back to the consumer.

Bond Arms Roughneck Marking Compliance Recall

Thank You,

Bond Arms Customer Service


For the latest information on this Safety Bulletin, please visit: https://www.bondarms.com/Roughneck-Marking-Compliance-Recall.aspx