Helpful Resources

Helpful links for IL gun owners

Illinois State Police

The Illinois State Police Firearms Bureau oversees all FOID and CCL applications for legal firearms purchases and ownership. The curated links below are helpful resources that all Illinois firearms owners should be familiar with.

ISP Online Portal

Official portal for FOID and CCL applications and renewals.

Illinois FOID & CCL FAQ

Common questions related to FOID & CCL applications and requirements.

Helpful Documents

Approved CCL curriculums, renewal notices, and creating Web user account support.

Transporting Firearms in IL

How to legally and safely transport your firearms in Illinois.

Prohibited Ammunition in IL

Prohibited ammunition and projectiles in Illinois.

IL Municipal Ordinances

Helpful link for specific ordinances in surrounding Illinois suburbs.

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Preserve and protect your firearms rights


Official portal for FOID and CCL applications and renewals.


The Illinois State Rifle Association represents firearms owners to the state legislature.

Gun Rights for Illinois

A Facebook forum for gun rights  and firearms advocacy.

First time gun buyer?

Purchasing a firearm legally in Illinois isn’t that difficult if you’re aware of the requirements. Read through our quick FAQ or contact us and 2we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process.

Get your FOID card today!

I trained staff can help you navigate the paperwork and get you up and running in no time.

Looking to get your Concealed Carry License?

We can walk you through the course requirements and application to successfully attain your CCL.